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Clemson Ring Crest

Clemson University Alumni Association Ring Crest imageThe Clemson Ring is one of the most recognizable college rings in the nation. The Clemson Ring Crest, taken from the face of the ring, is a registered mark. The updated Ring Crest was taken from a drawing used for the ring mold created by Balfour — the exclusive provider of the Clemson Ring. Specially created numerals were developed for the crest based on past Clemson Ring designs and do not belong to a specific font.

Balfour has an exclusive contract to produce the official Clemson Class Ring using the Ring Crest Trademark: U.S. Trademark Application No. 85/503,145 through 2015 with possible extension. No other vendor except the selected vendor will have rights to produce the official class ring and its accessory line (charm bracelet, cuff links, pendant and lapel pin).

The Clemson Ring Crest may be used only as described in this guide. As with all of Clemson's intellectual property, failure to protect the Clemson Ring Crest may result in the eventual loss of its trademark protection.

Commercial use of the Ring Crest requires adherence to the University licensing program guidelines. Merchandise related to alcohol use cannot use the Ring Crest.

The Ring Crest has two different versions. It can be used with the University's founding year, 1889, or with the last two digits of a graduate's class year.

One-Color Clemson Ring Crest

Both versions of the Ring Crest are one color, using the approved CAA color palette. Do not use non-CAA colors for the crest or any of its parts. This includes unacceptable use of brand colors. Do not add any effects such as levels, drop shadows or outlines. Do not stretch or bend the crest, or alter its proportions.

Please make sure that the contrast between the crest and the background is sufficient for legibility. Crest reversals on tints are not recommended.

One-Color Clemson Ring Crest for Clemson University Alumni Association. See Alumni Guidelines PDF for more information.

Clemson Ring Crest Clear Space requirements. The clear space for the Ring Crest is Clemson Ring Crest Clear Space

The Clemson Ring Crest must always have a clear space around it where no other elements appear (e.g., no typography, logos, graphics or photos that intrude on the crest).

The clear space for the Ring Crest is "X," which is the height of a number used in the crest.

Be careful to maintain the clear space, and do not place the crest too close to the paper's edge, a folded edge, a cut or embossing.

Clemson Ring Crest Use

The Clemson Ring Crest is a registered mark and must include the ® symbol as a component of the crest.

Reproduction of the Clemson Ring Crest must be created using original artwork provided by the Clemson Alumni Association. Hand-drawn and unauthorized reproductions, or re-creations of the crest are prohibited. Electronically scanned crest images of poor quality or low resolution are prohibited.

Simultaneous use of the crest on merchandise featuring other registered marks is prohibited without written permission from the Clemson Alumni Association (e.g., the Clemson Ring Crest may not be used on merchandise featuring the Tiger Paw without written permission).

1889 Clemson University Alumni Association Ring Crest

Cast, molded, forged, machined and other solid metallic objects The color and contrast limitations may be waived in the case of metallic objects with written permission of the Clemson Alumni Association. Finishes (other than approved colors listed above) are limited to the following:
• Clear chrome, black chrome or nickel plating for carbon steel
• Clear and black anodized aluminum
• Passivated or polished stainless steel
• Gold, silver or platinum coatings
• Polished, satin or matte brass
• Polished, satin or matte bronze

Etchings and carvings

Etchings of the Clemson Ring Crest in glass, crystal and natural wood are permitted if reproduced by a computer-controlled machine whose program is based upon the original high-resolution artwork provided by the Clemson Alumni Association.


Use of the crest on T-shirts, sweatshirts and non-collared athletic wear is prohibited. When reproduced on articles of clothing, the Ring Crest must be embroidered and not exceed a maximum height of 4 inches. Alternate means of crest reproduction on clothing must have written permission from the Clemson Alumni Association.

At the discretion of the Clemson Alumni Association, any use of the Clemson Ring Crest in a manner that reflects poorly upon Clemson University, its staff, students or alumni is forbidden.