Public Affairs

Top 10 tips about CAA brand architecture

1. The Clemson brand is ferocious, and CAA can leverage as well as add to its strength. We can tell a powerful story with clear, consistent communications. 

2. Brand strength is about more than having a logo family. What we say is as important as how it looks. The new brand requires that all Clemson communications convey our “determined spirit.” 

3. Do we have to follow these guidelines? Yes. It’s better for Clemson and it’s better for CAA. The strength of any brand depends, in part, on consistency. The Office of Creative Services is ready to help at 864-656-2467. 

4. Research was conducted with a wide range of Clemson constituents including alumni, to compare responses to the Clemson wordmark alone and enhanced with a symbol. When the wordmark is paired with a symbol, Clemson is 13 times more likely to be perceived as a high-quality academic institution. 

5. The Tiger Rag is our icon and may be used as detailed here for noncommercial applications. Commercial use of any Clemson icon requires adherence to the University licensing program guidelines.

Alumni Brand Book6. Our new graphic element is “the Hill,” as shown on the cover and subtly at the bottom of this page. Did you catch it? 

7. We’re solid orange! Orange is still the No. 1 color at Clemson and at CAA. We can dial Clemson Orange up or down, though, depending on need. The expanded color palette gives us a great degree of flexibility in conveying the appropriate mood.

8. Our brand architecture has a photography style characterized by people engaged or absorbed in activity. Photos are cropped tightly on their subjects.

9. Our Web, Facebook, Twitter, email and PowerPoint communication should reflect the new brand architecture. Messaging, color palette, typography, photography and logos need to be consistent through every media. 

10. We don’t have to stop using old materials such as letterhead and envelopes, but should use items until we run out and then order materials that reflect the new brand architecture.