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Wordmark Usage Standards

Alumni LogoThe primary CAA logo is a marriage of Clemson icons. The unmistakable wordmark (in Goudy typeface) is joined by the Tiger Rag icon — a nod to the alumni flag appearing in countless alumni photos taken all over the world. 

The Tiger Rag icon, unique to our brand, is positioned to become our standard-bearer. 

The word “alumni” is written in FG Saga, the script typeface featured in university-wide branding.

The one-color version of the primary logo can be either Clemson Orange or black. Do not use any other colors. 

Use the all-black logo when the project is b/w or color or has no Clemson Orange.

A partial logo reversal can be used over darker value CAA brand colors by keeping the Tiger Rag in Clemson Orange and reversing the rest. 

Full logo reversal can occur on either Clemson Orange or black when the symbol, wordmark, (and tagline/ sub-brand title when included) are reversed. Supporting primary brand colors should never be used for full logo reversals. 

A one- or two-color version of the primary logo may appear against a background of tints of any color within the palette. Please make sure that the contrast between the logo and the background is sufficient for legibility. Logo reversals on tints are not recommended. 

When printing over photography, the logo can partially reversed or printed in one or two colors. The logo should be large enough to be clearly identifiable, and the surrounding area must have very little pattern and provide distinct contrast so the logo is legible and stands out.

Logo clear spaceThe CAA logo must always have a clear space around it where no other elements appear (e.g., no typography, other logos, graphics or photos that intrude on the logo). 

The clear space for both versions of the logo is “X,” or the width of the counter (inner space) of the “O” in Clemson.

Be careful to maintain the clear space, and do not place the logo too close to the paper’s edge, a folded edge, a cut or embossing. 

Do not use non-CAA colors for the logo or any of its parts. This includes unacceptable use of brand colors. Do not add any effects such as evels, drop shadows or outlines. Do not stretch or bend the logo, or alter its proportions. 

Do not reverse the logo except as detailed in this guide.

Do not use the logo over a tint unless it provides excellent contrast and legibility. Do not partially reverse a logo out of a tint or screen, and do not use any tints other than those in the palette. If in doubt, check with the Clemson Department of Creative Services. 

A partially reversed logo over a photo can work, but do not use a busy photo, or a photo that is too light to provide sufficient contrast.

The formal CAA logo, reserved for official alumni association letterhead, has the same elements as the primary logo but does not abbreviate “Alumni Association.” 

All usage rules established for the primary logo apply to this version. 

To maintain legibility of the script typeface, limit reduction of this secondary logo. 

All media produced by alumni clubs and groups must include the CAA logo. When the club or group is the primary producer, the club or group logo should be the most prominent and the CAA logo should be in sign-off position (e.g., on the back cover of brochures and bottom right-hand corner of posters). This reverses for CAA-produced events and publications. Logo placement, clear space and color treatments should adhere to all guidelines.