Public Affairs


A. Italicize Latin Names of Plants and Animals (Genus and Species)

  1. Homarus americanus

B. Do Not Italicize

  1. Scientific names for phylum, class, order and family, but use initial caps.
    1. Chordata, Carnivora
  2. English derivatives of scientific names, and use lower case: amoeba, carnivore.

C. Titles

  1. The titles of books, plays, movies, radio and television programs, long musical compositions, operas, pamphlets, periodicals, etc., should be italicized, while titles of book series, film series, radio and television episodes, songs, essays, lectures and parts of volumes (chapters, titles of papers, etc.) should be placed in quotation marks.

D. Emphasize Words and Phrases

  1. Use italics, rather than quotes or underlining, to emphasize words in text; also to highlight foreign words or phrases not yet Anglicized.
    1. The time to strike is now.
    2. The stranded party mixed sawdust and flour to create an ersatz bread.

E. Web and E-mail Addresses in Printed Publications

  1. and (Note that "www." is not used to introduce URLs.)