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Clemson’s Logo System — Level Five

<empty>Level five logos should be rare. They represent entities who have significant equity or recognition in the marketplace beyond Clemson University. These organizations compete with outside businesses and can make the case that their connection to Clemson can in some cases be a hindrance to the success of their particular organizational goals. Level five marks also represent programs that are multi-institutional and require the flexibility to use different college or university names in their design.

Level five logos preferably use a wordmark or Tiger Paw, brand fonts and Clemson Orange in their design. If the design does not incorporate a level one symbol, then the words “Clemson University” are required as part of the mark. If, because of an agreement with other institutions, Clemson University is not part of the group’s official name, the words “Clemson University” need to be used as part of the mark’s design when appearing in Clemson University promotional, communications or event materials. All marks at these levels must be approved by Creative Services before they are put into use.