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Logo Levels

Any logo that is intended to represent Clemson University is the property of the University and must adhere to all guidelines. A five-level system addresses current logos and logos that will need to be revised or created in the future. Please refer to guidelines for proper use at all levels. Contact Creative Services to initiate design of all logos.

<empty>Level One (University Logo, Tiger Paw and University Seal): These masterbrand symbols are the strongest visible symbols of the University. They are strong enough to identify Clemson in the marketplace by themselves. The logo and Tiger Paw can be used noncommercially by anyone at the University. The seal’s use is restricted to the president, board of trustees, and groups and uses created or designated by the president’s office.

Level Two (University Logo with Academic Symbol and University Logo with Tiger Paw): These variations on the logo can be used by anyone at the University. Research with key constituent groups shows that the academic symbol conveys academic quality and rigor while the Tiger Paw represents spirit and energy — all of which are integral parts of the Clemson brand.

Level Three: Level three logos are a visual “lock-up” that pairs Clemson University with a college, department or functional unit name in a graphic file. The importance of this approach is to provide a valuable customer navigation tool and build unity across all University units. The unit name must be set in Trade Gothic and strictly follow the wordmark format. Units may choose to use the academic symbol, Tiger Paw or no symbol at all in conjunction with the logo design.

Level Four: Level four marks represent a broad group of diverse subbrands such as alumni groups, funded student clubs and organizations, special projects and ongoing programs. All level four marks must use brand fonts as part of their design. Marks created prior to the development of these new guidelines will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Logos at this level must contain a wordmark or Tiger Paw, and Clemson Orange is strongly encouraged as a part of the mark’s design.

Level Five: Level five logos are product brands with significant recognition or equity in the marketplace beyond that of Clemson University. These logos also represent products or programs that are multi-institutional. Level five logos preferably use level one logos (masterbrand symbols), brand fonts and Clemson Orange in their design. If the design does not incorporate a masterbrand symbol, then the words “Clemson University” are required as part of the mark. If, because of an agreement with other institutions, Clemson University is not part of the group’s official name, the words “Clemson University” need to be used as part of the logo’s design when appearing in Clemson University promotional, communications or event materials.