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In order to project a consistent image and to further enhance the value of Clemson’s brand, stationery guidelines were developed in accordance with Clemson’s master brand architecture, which has been outlined in other sections of these guidelines.

Clemson University has developed guidelines for stationery that allow greater flexibility and customization than ever before while still ensuring design consistency. Proper use of logos, colors and typography will enhance the information you are communicating and allow you to present a professional appearance. 

The highlights of the stationery redesign are:

  • a more contemporary look 
  • the ability to use approved Clemson University logos. This allows individuals to identify their specific area, program or unit more clearly.
  • a more open letterhead design that allows for the use of more text
  • the ability to list board, committee or department names on letterhead
  • the opportunity to better customize business cards with multiple addresses, social networking/new media contact information and mission/vision statements
  • one- and two-color options
  • electronic letterhead 

The new stationery designs are available from Clemson Print Services.

Because of tight budgets, we do not recommend throwing away or recycling stationery. Please use what you have until your quantities are depleted and order the new design at that time.


  • Approved Clemson University logos* should be sized appropriately and always be placed in the upper right hand corner.
  • Deans and unit heads can decide whether or not to mandate consistency within their organization regarding which logo or logos can be used.
  • The Tiger Paw or Tiger Paw version of the wordmark may be used by any unit, academic or athletic, as long as it is used correctly as stated in the brand guidelines.
  • One Web URL or other new media address may be included.
  • Level four and five logos can be used as long as they include the words “Clemson University” or a Tiger Paw as part of their design. Letterhead using these logos needs to clearly identify the Clemson department, office or unit affiliation in the address block.

* The University Seal is restricted to the president, board of trustees, and groups and uses created or designated by the president’s office.

(Examples including an example of proper letter placement)

#10 Business Envelope

  • Any approved logo may be used, but use of a level one or two logo is preferred. The logo and/or address line must clearly identify Clemson University.
business cards
business envelope