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Video Guidelines for Clemson YouTube Channel

Video tag sample.Logos and Branding

It is important that Clemson University videos communicate Clemson's brand both visually and conceptually.

Official and approved Clemson University logos are to be used on officially recognized and administered University, college, departmental or administrative videos. For correct use and listing for approved Clemson University logos and brand guidelines, please see the brand guidelines logo policy.

To create consistency and brand awareness for all University videos, the appropriate beginning and end tag logos should be used on all University videos. Click here to view and download various start and end tags.

Copyright Policing

Prior to the distribution of any Clemson University video, it is imperative that you have received in writing the rights to distribute the material. No copyrighted audio or video can be featured.

File Size and Formats

Your video file should not exceed 20 GB; however, it should be at least 640x480 resolution. The large file size allows for both high quality and HD videos to be uploaded to YouTube.
Preferred file types for YouTube are Quicktime (.mov) and MPEG (.mp4).

For inclusion on the Clemson YouTube Channel, please submit your video file to the following YouTube admin: Jacob Barker, Clemson University Marketing Services, 864-901-7994

If files are larger than 10MB, they should be delivered to Jacob Barker, Marketing Services, Trustee House on a DVD or memory stick through interoffice mail. You can also e-mail or call Jacob to arrange a time for him to come and pick up the file.

In addition to submitting the video file, please e-mail Jacob with the following information about the video:

Title: This should be no longer than 5-7 words describing the main content of the video.
Example:  Clemson Admissions Video 2010

Description: A few sentences that provide a summary of what the video is about. Include the relative date [January 2010] and, if possible, a Clemson Web page to link back to.
Example: This video gives prospective students a closer look at everything Clemson University has to offer them including majors, facilities, housing options and extracurricular activities.

Key words: List both internal and external descriptive words, names and items referenced.
Example: Clemson University Admissions, Clemson University, Top Public School, Clemson Tigers, Determined Spirit