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Bachelor of Science in Marketing

The Bachelor of Science degree program in marketing helps students to develop an understanding of various aspects of marketing. The curriculum prepares students for professional marketing careers in industry, government or the nonprofit sector. Students are also well prepared for entrance into graduate studies in marketing, business administration, law or other programs. For students who want a general perspective of marketing, the curriculum provides a broad range of subjects with the flexibility to tailor courses by choosing areas that enhance career preparation in various areas of marketing. Subjects include promotional strategy, professional selling, sales management, public and nonprofit marketing, entrepreneurship, marketing research, product management, marketing management and international marketing. The marketing curriculum, whether approached from a general or specialized perspective, provides the conceptual, quantitative and analytical skills necessary to function in a dynamic business environment.

Department Chair Jesse Moore, Ph.D.
Advisor Rob Massey
CU Marketing Association Advisor Rob Massey
Study Abroad Advisor Rob Massey
Honors Advisor Andy Poehlman