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College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities

Jennie Wakefield, MA, RSME

Jennie Wakefield, MA, RSME

Senior Lecturer

Department of English
Office: 708 Strode
Phone: 864.656.3151

M.A., Clemson University (2001); B.F.A., Boston Conservatory of Music (1977); Associate Teacher, Tamalpa Institute (2014)


Composition & Rhetoric (ENGL 1030); The Role of Dance in Culture (HUM 3090); Writing, Body, & Earth (Honors Seminar); Writing the Personal Occupational Narrative (Advanced Comp)

Research Interests
Somaesthetics, Writing as a Way of Being, the Role of Dance and Body in Culture

Jennie Wakefield’s work is about positioning language and the kinesthetic side by side. The interdisciplinary field of somaesthetics informs her teaching of introductory Composition and Rhetoric, as well as a Humanities course, “The Role of Dance in Culture.” Other related courses she has taught are “Writing, Body, and Earth,” “Writing Architecture,” and “Writing the Personal Occupational Narrative.”

Professional/Research Links

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