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Patrick Troester

Patrick Troester


Department of History
Office: Hardin Hall 023

Ph.D., Southern Methodist University (2021); M.A., University of Akron (2014); B.A., The Pennsylvania State University (2011)

Curriculum Vitae


American History, U.S. Mexico-Borderlands, Nationalism and Gender

Professor Troester is a cultural and social historian of nineteenth-century North America. His research focuses on nationalism, colonialism, and gender in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands. His current book project, The Broken Edge: Violence, Kinship, and Nation in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands, 1820-1890, explores the linked histories of nation-building and organized violence in Texas and northeastern Mexico. By analyzing local experiences of violent conflict alongside the gendered and familial nationalist ideologies that gave them meaning, the project uncovers how borderlands people constructed the U.S. and Mexican nation-states at the grassroots level using pre-existing local frameworks of kinship, honor, and community. Professor Troester has taught at Southern Methodist University, Fort Lewis College, and the University of Akron, including courses on early and modern U.S. History, the American West, the Civil War Era, and Latin America.


Selected Professional Works

Journal Articles & Book Chapters (Published)

“Bad Fathers, Spurious Daughters, and Fratricidal Projects: Borderland Violence, Gender, and Nation in the U.S.-Mexico War,” Pacific Historical Review 91, no. 3 (August 2022).

“‘No Country Will Rise Above its Homes and No Home Above its Mother’: Gender, Memory, and Colonial Violence in Nineteenth-Century Texas,” Western Historical Quarterly 52 no. 2 (Summer 2021): 143-166, part of James F. Brooks ed., “An Unholy Union of West and South,” joint special issue with the Journal of the Civil War Era.

Journal Articles & Book Chapters (Accepted or Submitted)

(Under Review) “‘Let Us Be Men and Texas Will Triumph:’ Gender, Race, and Nation in the Texas Rebellion,” Lesley J. Gordon and Andrew Huebner, eds. Race and Gender at War: Writing American Military History, under advance contract with University of Alabama Press.

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