Campus Recreation

Manuals and Forms

club sport manuals
  • Officer Manual

    All Club Sport information and policies/procedures can be found in this manual.

  • Participant Packet

    All club members are required to complete the Participant Packet before beginning activity with a Club Sport.

  • Advisor Packet

    All Club Advisors should be provided with a copy of the Advisor Packet. The Advisor Agreement at the end of the packet must be signed by all parties and returned to the Club Sports Office.

  • Coach/Instructor Manual

    This manual should be provided to all Club coaches or instructors and outlines basic Club Sport policies and procedures, as well as the duties and responsibilities of any coaches or instructors.

  • Coach/Instructor Application

    This must be completed by any new coach or instructor who is applying for a position with a Club Sport.

All other required, travel, special event, and finance forms can be found on the OrgSync website. All Club Sport members must log on and join the Club Sports Association (CSA) group to access the forms.