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Boot Camp

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Register for Boot Camp by filling out the Boot Camp Registration Form and submitting your form and payment at the Welcome Center.

Boot Camp is a small-group training program taught by a certified personal trainer. Workouts are individualized to cater to each participant's specific needs and goals and use various types of equipment and exercise techniques. Fitness assessments will be provided to help you track your progress throughout the program! With workouts inside and outside the building (weather permitting) and a great group dynamic to encourage and motivate you, Boot Camp is sure to be an exciting and enjoyable way to help you reach your fitness goals!

Session are offerred in September, October and November! Sign up for all three, and get the first week in December free! 

Sessions meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week in the Club Gym in Fike Recreation Center.Choose from two sessions: 6–7 a.m. or (NEW) 5–6 p.m.
Each month is $50 for each participant. 

Register and pay at the Welcome Center.
Registration closes the day before the third session each month.
If you have any questions regarding Boot Camp, please call the Fitness & Wellness office at 864-656-7617 or email