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Can I delete someone from my roster?

  • No, once a player is added to a roster he or she may not be removed for any reason. Roster maximums are set high enough to provide room for players who are injured, out of town, etc. Team captains should only give team passwords to players they are sure they want on their roster.

Can I protest a game?

  • First, know that teams may only protest interpretations of rules, or enforcement of penalties. Teams MAY NOT protest the judgment of an official. All protests must be made immediately to the Intramural Sports supervisor on duty. The point of interruption must be documented so that in the case of a successful protest, there is a specific point of reference to return to play. If the supervisor can correct any error made, he or she will do so and play will resume. If the supervisor is uncertain, the game will continue under protest, and the report will be reviewed the following day.

What do I do if I was ejected from a game?

  • All ejected participants must meet with the Intramural Sports Director in order to regain eligibility for ANY sport or event. It is up to the ejected participant to contact the Intramural Sports Office to set up an appointment. Note: suspensions DO NOT include games missed during the time that an ejected player has not met for his or her ejection meeting. Any suspensions will result in missed games AFTER this meeting.

Can I reschedule a game?

  • We do not reschedule any regular season games, as teams specifically choose the day(s) time(s) that they will play each week. We will reschedule playoff games if the following conditions are met: the game coincides with another playoff game and at least half of the players on the roster are impacted.

What do I need to wear to my game?

  • Please refer to sport rules for specific details. Flag Football participants MAY NOT wear shorts or pants with pockets. Pockets may not be taped down, or turned inside out. Teams must wear colored shirts or jerseys in accordance to the color chosen during team registration. Numbers should be on all players’ shirts, except if playing Sand Volleyball, Cornhole, Billiards, Bowling, Innertube Water Polo, Tennis, and Sports Trivia.

Can my team add players during the playoffs?

  • No, rosters become frozen after the last night of the regular season. If your team wishes to have a player for playoffs, that person must have registered onto your roster at some point during the regular season. Team captains should check their rosters before playoffs begin.    

How many hours must I take to be eligible to play?

  • Students must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours, and have paid the Campus Recreation fee. Exception: graduating seniors may be taking one 3-credit class, as long as they show proof of pending graduation and pay the Campus Recreation fee. Employees must be full-time and have paid the appropriate Campus Recreation fee.

Can I join a team as a free agent?

  • Through the IMLeagues software, players can add themselves as free agents, in as many divisions as they would like. Teams can see this list and may choose to contact free agents. Free agents can also request to join teams through IMLeagues.

How do I know/What happens if my game gets rained out?

  • We will do our best to make any decisions regarding game cancellations due to weather, no later than by 3:00pm each day. Team captains will be notified, and our Facebook and Twitter pages will be updated. If poor weather conditions occur later in the evening, the Intramural Sports Supervisor on-site will make any determination regarding cancelling games. We will try our best to reschedule any games that are cancelled due to poor weather - team captains will be notified of any changes to their team's schedule.