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CORE Staff Application 

Being on CORE Staff 

Here at CORE, all of our programs are run by an amazing team of student staff, and we are always on the lookout for great new people to come join the fun and adventure! Being on CORE staff is a great opportunity to develop one’s outdoor skills, leadership ability, and so much more.

CORE staff have two primary responsibilities: leading our outdoor adventure trips and managing our equipment rental program. While coming in with outdoor experience is preferred, you don’t have to be an expert when you arrive! We offer many different trainings and professional development opportunities for our staff as part of their continued learning and growth as outdoor leaders. What we value most when looking for new staff is a passion for serving our Clemson University community by getting them into the outdoors!

CORE Staff Application Process

New staff at CORE are normally hired near the end of the fall semester to start at the beginning of the spring semester. Résumés and cover letters are accepted year-round and can be emailed to the program coordinator. However, the online application, which must be completed, is only available during times of active hiring.

Newly hired staff go through a probationary semester before being becoming eligible to lead trips as full staff members.

Probationary Semester


Before being promoted to a full member of CORE staff, probationary staff must complete the following during their first semester:

  • Attend Trip Leader Training at the start of the semester.

  • Shadow (unpaid) on at least three trips, including all pre-trip planning and post-trip debriefs.

  • Work (paid) at least one shift per week at the rental office (2 hour shift minimum).

  • Attend all biweekly staff meetings.

  • Demonstrate the necessary level of competence in all job-related areas (subject to peer and supervisor evaluation).

Continuing Semesters


After completing their probationary semester, CORE staff must meet the following criteria to maintain their position on staff:

  • Attend Trip Leader Training at the start of each semester.

  • Lead at least one trip per semester* or work at least one shift per week in the rental office.

  • Attend all biweekly trip leader meetings.

  • Demonstrate the necessary level of competence in all job-related areas (subject to peer and supervisor evaluation).

*Eligibility for leading certain trips, and preference in trip selection, is based on the staff member's experience, qualifications, relevant certifications, attendance at biweekly meetings, semester trainings, and general CORE involvement.

Interested in becoming a CORE Trip Leader?

The online application for all positions within Campus Recreation is below. If CORE is actively hiring, the position will be available for selection on the application under the section that says “Please select the position(s) you would like to apply for.” If CORE is not actively hiring, no selection will be available. However, you may still email a résumé and cover letter to the program coordinator. Your information will be kept on file, and you will be contacted when active hiring for CORE staff begins.

 Campus Recreation Staff Application