Access and Equity

Graduate Diversity Fellowship


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In an effort to increase the number of underrepresented minority students pursuing doctoral degrees at Clemson, the Diversity Fellowship Program was established.  Funding for the fellowship is provided by the Chief Diversity Office.  The Diversity Fellowship committee made up of representatives from the Chief Diversity Office, the Office of Access and Equity and the Graduate School, offers a variety of financial assistance opportunities for eligible minority students pursuing graduate education.  

There are four types of financial assistance for graduate students at Clemson University: assistantships, fellowships, traineeships, and loans. Assistantships (teaching, research, or administrative) require services to be rendered to the University and allow a reduction in academic fees. Fellowships require no service to the University; however, they do allow in-state rate to be applied. Fellowships, assistantships and loans may be held concurrently.

The Diversity Fellowship Committee meets several times throughout the year to make awards to incoming students contingent on the availability of funding. Awards may be in the form of fellowships or assistantships. With the latter, funds may be transferred to the student’s home department for teaching, research, or other assignments approved by the committee and a departmental faculty member. Continuing student awards are made prior to new awards and are determined following a review of academic progress at the end of each semester. Students must demonstrate full-time enrollment (9hrs) and satisfactory progress (3.0 GPA) for continuation funds to be awarded.

There is only one application for all diversity financial assistance. The Diversity Fellowship Committee will make a determination regarding the type of assistance an applicant is eligible for based on available funding and the specific needs of the student. All recipients must sign a contract obligating them to the terms of the fellowship.

How to apply

The deadline for applications is April 15th prior to the fall in which the student plans to enroll. Download the application.

In addition to the application, a cover letter is recommended to explain any information that would help the committee understand the student’s need for funding. The application packet should also include some documentation of annual income from the previous year (copy of tax return or financial aid application). The completed application packet should be sent to the address below.

Office of Access and Equity
Clemson University
110 Holtzendorff Hall
Box 345404
Clemson, SC 29634-5404

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