Access and Equity

Research and Evaluation

The Office of Access and Equity and the Eugene T. Moore School Education’s Charles H. Houston Center for the Study of the Black Experience in Education pursues a collaborative research program that seeks to examine high school students' academic achievement, college student persistence, as well as the recruitment and retention of college faculty. To advance the goals of the scholarly partnership, the Charles H. Houston Center conducts research and disseminates information regarding the factors impacting educational attainment and academic success among African American students in high school and college. Also, the Charles H. Houston Center designs, coordinates, and implements the research and evaluation plan for the Emerging Scholars Program.

Office of Access and Equity

Charles H. Houston CenterResearch and Evaluation Objectives

  • Examine the impact of the Emerging Scholars Program on high school students’ academic achievement and intellectual orientations
  • Explore the influences of school characteristics, academic experiences, and family characteristics on students' educational outcomes
  • Investigate faculty recruitment and retention issues