Access and Equity

Outreach Programs


The following programs are but a few of the activities supported by the Office of Access and Equity to provide increased access to groups whose participation has historically been underrepresented in Clemson’s programs and services:

Emerging Scholars

The Clemson Emerging Scholars Program helps students from South Carolina’s Corridor of Shame learn what it takes to go to college. By hosting students on campus, working with their parents and taking them to see college campuses across the state, participants are better able to achieve success in college, regardless of the expectation of others. To learn more about the program, visit the website at

Clemson University’s Diversity Procurement Initiative

The Office of Access and Equity has been charged with the responsibility of leading the University’s Diversity Procurement Initiative. The University endorses and adopts the State of South Carolina’s goal of ensuring that minority-owned businesses represent a minimum of 10 percent of state agency procurement contracts. Access and Equity engages in outreach efforts to women and minority-owned businesses and vendors to announce business opportunities at Clemson for procured services and capital projects on and off-campus.

Look Inside Clemson

Look Inside Clemson is a weekend visitation model designed to introduce prospective graduate students, post-doctoral students and/or faculty to the Clemson graduate and research community. The program provides travel, lodging and meals to participants to visit the campus, tour labs and facilities and interact with faculty, deans, administrators and graduate students. Prospective faculty may also have the opportunity to present their research to a community of scholars interested in their work. The program is an effort to expose participants to the Clemson graduate and research community while answering their questions about the Clemson overall experience.