Access and Equity

How to File a Title IX Complaint

Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence is a crime.

If you believe you or someone else that is part of the Clemson University community has been discriminated against based on sex or has been a victim of sexual harassment or sexual violence make a report to one or more of the following offices immediately:

A. Criminal Reporting – If the alleged harassment/discrimination is a crime, a report should be made to the Clemson University Police Department (CUPD) or other appropriate law enforcement agency if the incident occurred off campus.  To make a criminal report to CUPD call 911 or (864) 656-2222.  Away from campus, concerned persons should call 911.

In addition to the criminal process or for sexual harassment/discrimination complaints that are not violations of criminal law, the following on campus reporting options are available:

B. Alleged Perpetrator is a Student – a complaint against a student may be filed with the Office of Community and Ethical Standards (OCES) which is responsible for resolving student conduct issues. OCES is located at 912 University Union, telephone: 656-0510. Student complaint procedures can be found in the Student Code of Conduct at:

C. Alleged Perpetrator is a Non-Student - If the alleged perpetrator is a Clemson University employee, visitor to campus or other non-student, a complaint of harassment/discrimination may be filed with the Office of Access and Equity (A & E). A & E is located at 110 Holtzendorff Hall, telephone: 656-3181 (voice) or 656-0899 (TDD). A & E complaint procedures can be found at:

Retaliation against an individual who has filed a Title IX complaint is prohibited at Clemson University.