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Supporting Students

CREATE an environment in which sexual assault is unacceptable and survivors are supported.

  • To make change, talk openly about the topic of sexual assault with everyone.
  • Never blame the survivor.
    • Don’t ask pointed questions like, “What were you wearing?” or “How much did you have to drink?”
  • Always believe the survivor.
  • Survivors may choose to report an assault through the Clemson Office for Community Ethical Standards, the police department, or confidentially through CAPS.
  • Know the resources and what avenues a survivor can pursue.
    • Forensic evidence can be collected by a SANE nurse at the ER even if someone does not choose to file a police report right away. This is known as an “anonymous rape kit” and preserves evidence while a survivor decides.
    • The cost of rape kits is covered by the state of South Carolina.