Responsible Employees

A Responsible Employee is an employee who has the responsibility to promptly and fully report complaints of or information regarding sexual harassment, sexual violence, stalking, domestic and/or relationship violence to the Title IX Coordinator.  The following employees are responsible for reporting the incidents described above:

HR; OCES; A&E; Administrators, Supervisors, Academic Deans and Dept. Chairs; faculty and staff who work directly with students; employee advisors to recognized student organizations, club sports and/or department sponsored student organizations (i.e. Tiger Band); Athletic directors, assistant athletic directors, coaches and assistant coaches of official university teams, athletic trainers, and team physicians, athletic student assistants and managers; student employees who supervise, teach or advise others in their capacity as employees (i.e. resident assistants, graduate community directors, graduate teaching assistants, student affairs graduate assistants, orientation ambassadors, camp counselors, etc.)


Confidential Resources and facilitators of sexual awareness programs such as "Take Back the Night and Aspire to be Well" when acting in those capacities, are not Responsible Employees.

Another important exception to the reporting requirement exists for academic work. Disclosures about sexual harassment, sexual violence, stalking, domestic and/or relationship violence that are shared as part of an academic project, a research project, classroom discussion, or course assignment, are not required to be disclosed to the University’s Title IX Coordinator.