Redfern Health Center

ADD/ADHD Information

Clemson University students who wish to receive services for Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) can access services through Student Disability Services (SDS) and Redfern Health Center. Students seeking medication monitoring and who have been previously diagnosed with ADD/ADHD must have their documentation evaluated to determine if it meets guidelines of Student Disability Services. Students without documentation who suspect that they meet the criteria for ADD/ADHD must be evaluated by a qualified psychologist to increase the likelihood that the evaluation will meet SDS guidelines.

Redfern provides medication monitoring through Medical Services. The entry point for a student seeking ADD/ADHD services is through the Office of Student Disability Services. SDS is located is located on the second floor of the Academic Success Center and can be reached by phone at 864-656-6848. Students and parents who visit Clemson during summer orientation are encouraged to call SDS in advance of their visit to arrange an appointment with a disability specialist.