Redfern Health Center

Laws, Services and Rights

Community and Ethical Standards - Victim's Rights

  • The alleged victim has the right to be informed of the discipline process prior to any disciplinary action involving the incident and has the option of discontinuing the process if he or she is the only witness.
  • The alleged victim has the right to attend the hearing involving the referred student. The alleged victim will have the option of providing testimony regarding the incident. The Office of Community and Ethical Standards will attempt to make special accommodations when deemed necessary. The alleged victim will be listened to and treated with respect.
  • The alleged victim is entitled to bring an adviser, friend, counselor or parent during testimony at the hearing. All hearings are closed to the public and are confidential. 
  • The alleged victim shall be informed of the outcome of the disciplinary hearing. In the event the referred student appeals the decision, the director of Community and Ethical Standards (or designee) will keep the alleged victim informed of the status of those appeals.
  • The alleged victim may request changes in his/her academic and/or living situation. The University will accommodate such changes if reasonably available.

State Laws

Title 16 - Crimes and Offenses
Title 20 - Domestic Relations