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Clemson Parking and Transportation Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Any full-time commuting student, benefit-eligible faculty, or staff can start a carpool group. All prospective participants must fill out the carpool application and provide the required documentation.

The first step to register with the carpool program is to have a qualified carpool group in which all members are willing to participate.


When submitting the application, either print it out at home to bring in or fill it out in the office. You will need to provide proof of local residency (utility bill, lease, etc.), vehicle registration, driver's license, and Clemson University ID. Parking Services will notify the applicants by email of their approval into the carpool program within three business days.


Upon notification of approval, carpool participants must come to Parking Services together to turn in any current valid permits (including motorcycle/moped permits) for a refund or termination of payroll deduction. Carpool permits will be issued at this time.

The carpool permit must be renewed twice a year, once in January and once in August. The expiration for fall carpool permits is December 31, and the spring expiration is August 15. Participants will be required to renew the permit in person as a group for each semester. At this time, online renewal is not available for carpool permits.

A member of the carpool must contact Parking Services within three business days of a change in the number of participants. The participant who drops out of the group will not receive a refund unless they drop out within the first 5 business days of purchasing the permit. The total number of participants in a carpool must be 2 or more in order to remain active.

Commuting student - $530.00 per semester per member

Range 1 faculty/staff - $7.00 per semester

Range 2 faculty/staff - $24.00 per semester

Range 3 faculty/staff - $44.00 per semester

Range 4 faculty/staff - $55.00 per semester

Range 5 faculty/staff - $66.00 per semester

Range 6 faculty/staff - $70.00 per semester

Range 7 faculty/staff - $72.00 per semester

Range 8 faculty/staff - $77.00 per semester

Range 9 faculty/staff - $121.00 per semester


Permits are free for groups of 3 or more participants.


Upon payment, each participant will receive a carpool decal to be placed on his or her personal vehicle and five temporary commuter or employee parking permits.  One shared carpool hangtag will be issued to the group.

Yes, your group may add more members to the carpool at any time. The new participant will be required to complete the standard carpool application process. Upon approval, the new participant may purchase a carpool permit and will be issued 5 temporary parking permits.

A participant of the carpool must notify Parking Services within three business days of disbanding. All participants will be required to turn in their temporary and carpool permits and will not receive a refund for the purchase price of the carpool permit. 

All participants of the carpool who still plan to park on campus will be required to purchase a new commuter or employee parking permit at its existing rate.

No, carpool permits must be paid in the Parking Services office. Participants currently enrolled in payroll deduction will turn in their current employee parking permit and fill out a form to terminate participation in payroll deduction.

At this time, we are unable to assist with organizing carpool groups.

Yes, you would need to complete a carpool application and turn in your commuter permit upon approval. You will be issued a refund for your commuter permit at the current prorated cost minus the cost of the carpool permit.

No, 5 temporary parking permits are assigned to each individual’s vehicle registered to the carpool group.

No, only one personal vehicle can be registered to an individual in a carpool group.

During the hours of 5 a.m. - 5 p.m., vehicles displaying carpool permits can only be parked in carpool spaces.

No, when parking on campus between 5 a.m. - 5 p.m., the carpool decal must be used either with the carpool hangtag in a carpool space or the temporary parking hangtag in a space based on your regular parking designation (commuter for students, employee for faculty/staff).  

Vehicles parked in a carpool space with a temporary permit will be towed at the owner's expense.

The Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) Program is a transportation service offered through Parking Services in cases of emergency. Each rider that is registered for the carpool program will receive up to three emergency rides home per semester, excluding University holidays.