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Clemson Parking and Transportation Services

How it Works

Each carpool group will receive one carpool hangtag that can be used on any vehicle registered to the group. Each individual participant in the carpool will receive a carpool permit decal similar to regular permits to place on their own vehicle. Any vehicle in the same carpool group may be used as long as the group's sole carpool hangtag is displayed and the carpool permit is placed correctly.

The carpool hangtag must be displayed hanging from the rearview mirror. The carpool permit must be permanently affixed to the outside left rear window or bumper.


The current vehicle being used to carpool must display the carpool hangtag and decal while parked in a carpool parking space. Vehicles registered in the Carpool Program cannot park in the 24-hour employee spaces.

Each participant is allotted 5 Temporary permits every semester. If a participant in a carpool needs to drive separately from their registered carpool group, they are expected to use their Temporary permit to park for the day and they must park according to their normal designation (NOT in a carpool space). Participants may also purchase additional Temporary permits at the standard rate of $4 per day. Vehicles parked in a carpool space with an Temporary permit will be towed at the owner's expense. After 5 p.m., individuals may park their vehicles in an appropriate commuter or employee space until 7 a.m.