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Clemson Parking and Transportation Services

Special Event Parking Request


Clemson University Parking and Transportation Services has committed to providing the best possible service with the greatest amount of flexibility and convenience to the University community.  In order to make it easier to make a request parking for event parking spaces, we are now offering the ability to make your request on-line.


Event coordinators should review their parking needs as an initial part of the event planning process. We recommend that all planners schedule any upcoming events with our office as soon as possible as some requests may not be approved for certain lots due to space constraints. A map showing parking areas is online and/or available upon request. 


Your request needs to be made at least ten (10) business days prior to the event.  If you are mailing the permits to the attendees, the request needs to be submitted at least fifteen (15) business days prior to the event.


Parking and Transportation Services will do their best to accommodate requests not made in the appropriate time but please know that your attendees may be at risk for receiving a parking citation.


Clemson University Affiliates:


A request has to be sponsored by a full time staff or faculty member. For University affiliates there will be a $5.00 per permit per day charge. Please complete this form online if requesting 10 or more parking permits. Please come to the office to pick up your permits after you have been contacted by a customer service representative that they are ready for pick up.


Non-University Affiliates:


For non-affiliates of the University, there will be a $6.00 per space per day charge.  Please complete this form online if requesting parking permits to park on campus for an event.  You must come to the Parking & Transportation Office to make the payment before the permits will be issued.