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Metered Parking Around Campus

"Pay-By-Space" Multi-Space Pay Stations Information and Instructions 

Parking and Transportation Services has set up parking meters around campus capable of managing multiple spaces. The meters, in line with The President's Sustainability Action Plan, are solar powered and will allow for a reduction in manned vehicle patrols, therefore reducing Parking and Transportation Services' overall carbon footprint. The pay stations not only enhance the campus landscape through a reduction in the number of single-space meters, but also provide visitors and Clemson University permit holders (CUPH) with a smart, cost-efficient parking solution that is more sustainable, reliable, and convenient than conventional timed spaces. 


Metered Space Locations: Select "Visitor Metered" in the window below.

1.   C-9 Parking Lot: Daily Visitor Location, Memorial Stadium, IPTAY Office, Littlejohn Coliseum 
2.   Fike Recreation Center: Campus Recreation, Campus Banner + Design
3.   Gentry Hall: Riggs Field, Sloan Tennis Center
4.   Union Drive: Parking and Transportation Services, Core Campus, Post Office, Apple Store
5.   Fort Hill St: Home of Clemson's Founder Thomas Green Clemson, Scroll of Honor, Memorial Stadium, Shoebox Residence Halls
6.   Fort Hill St: Home of Clemson's Founder Thomas Green Clemson
7.   Sirrine Hall: Sirrine, Riggs, Hunter, Rhodes, Chik-Fil-A
8.   Lee Hall Cul-de-sac: Lee, Lowry, Fluor Daniel, Chik-Fil-A
9.   West Library Parking Lot: Cooper Library, Watt Center, Academic Success Center, Strom Thurmond Institute
10. Strom Thurmond Institute: Visitors Center, Auditorium, Special Collections
11. Brooks Center: Performing Arts Center
12. Sikes Hall: Student Financial Aid, Registrar, Near Bowman Field
13. Sikes Hall: Long Hall, Martin Hall, President's Park and Rotunda, Amphitheater
14. McGinty Circle: Academic Success Center, Cooper Library, McAdams, Barre, P&A
15. E-27 Parking Lot: Douthit Hills, Hub Building
16. R-8 Parking Lot: Douthit Hills, Hub Building
17. Bryan Circle: Schilleter Dining Hall, Wendy's, Redfern Health Center, High Rise Residence Halls
18. Hendrix Student Center: Career and Professional Development, '55 Exchange, Dean of Students, TigerOne
19. Byrnes Hall: High Rise Residence Halls, Hendrix Student Center, President's House
20. Energy Drive: Calhoun Courts, Thornhill Village, Hendrix Student Center
21. C-1 Parking Lot: Daily Visitor parking location with connection Hendrix Student Center and the Academic Success Center via the campus Blue Route
22. Lightsey Commons: Lightsey Bridge, Bridge to Clemson Program


Each of the metered areas has signage that identifies the metered spaces as well as the location of the multi-space meter pay station. Look for the white “P” on the side of the pay station and the black, bronze, and white “Pay Meter Here” signs. These regulatory signs specify the hours of operation, meter limits, and directions on how to pay at the multi-space pay station. 

For payment the meters currently accept:

  • Quarters

  • One Dollar Coins

  • One Dollar Bills

  • Debit/Credit Cards: MasterCard and Visa (one dollar minimum)

  • Tigerstripe using your Tiger One card


How to Operate a Meter 

  1. Press the GREEN button to begin.

  2. Enter your space number and press #. Press * to backspace.

  3. Insert cash (quarters, dollar coins, $1 bills) OR credit card. For credit card, press BLUE “MAX” button for three-hour limit or the “ADD TIME” button to add time in fifteen-minute increments.

  4. Press the GREEN button to print receipt.

  5. Retain receipt as proof of purchase.


All metered parking spaces are numbered, i.e., “Metered 12,” and cost $2.00 per hour to park. Please follow all permit rules regarding time allowed to park in a metered space. You must pay for all the time needed in your first transaction. Please note that refunds are not given for unused time.


Parking Hours

Visitors and Clemson University permit holders may pay to park in the designated multi-space metered areas under the guidelines on the signs posted at the meter stations.  Hours of operation are 7 a.m.–10 p.m., seven days per week.  Meter limits vary by location and user type.  Visitors – No Permit Required “Three-Hour Visitor Meter Limit;” CUPH – Park for the “One-Hour CU Permit Limit” or as Otherwise Posted.


Parker™ the smarter way to park at Clemson University

Parker™ by Streetline, Inc. is an app available on your smartphone device that will: 


For information about parking permits, citations, and other parking information please visit the Parking & Transportation Services webpage.


Parker™ Web Map

For information and rules about parking at the metered parking lots across campus click on the “P” icons.

The circles with numbers on the map display the number of metered parking space available.

Please follow parking rules and regulations. Permit holders may visit the Permit Types and Regulations page for more information about metered parking restrictions.  Visitors may visit the Visitor Parking page for more information about rules and visitor parking permits/rates.