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Transit Options for Douthit & East Residents to R-6/R-5 Parking Lot

  • Tiger Transit Nighttime service is an “on-demand” service for all Clemson University students on campus. This service is available from 6pm to 6am each evening.  Students can use the my.clemson app to call for a ride or they can dial 864-656-3333 directly.  This transit service is managed by the CU Police Department and has been an extremely valuable and popular service for our students. Sunday nights, a fixed route operates every 30 minutes from the R-6 lot to dorms throughout the East campus dorms.

  • East Park N Ride shuttle has a stop at the exit driveway of the R-06 located off of HWY 76 that operates Monday through Thursday from 7am to 6pm. This will transport students to the Hendrix Student Center. It operates on a 15 minute frequency. See the schedule here.

  • On Fridays, while a different route, if students need to get to R-05 or R-06, they can board the Visitor Center bus at Strom Thurmond. This bus route operates from 7:30am to 4:30pm. Once a student boards the bus, they need to let the driver know they need to go to R-05 or R-06 and the driver will make a minor deviation on the route to drop off at the lots. This bus operates on a 15-20 minute frequency.