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Car Relocation Shuttle for West Resident Students - Home Football Game Weekends

West Resident students who typically park in R-03, R-03 Extension, or R-03A must move their cars to R-06, R-01/Kite Hill, or R-04 Extension 12 hours prior to kickoff for each home football game to avoid being towed. A Tiger Transit shuttle will be provided to take you back across campus during specific time windows.  The shuttle will make stops at lot R-06, lot R-01/R-02 (bus stop on McMillan Rd.), Bryan Circle (bus stop on Cherry Rd.), Shoeboxes/Core Campus/Fort Hill, and lot R-03.


Scheduled shuttle dates and times are listed below and will be updated as game times are announced.


Georgia Tech, 10/28/17 @ TBD

Cars must be gone from the west side of campus 12 hours prior to game time on Saturday morning.


Before game day:

Friday 10/27, 6 p.m. - 12 a.m. (Take the bus from R-06/R-01/Kite Hill back to your dorm after parking your car.)

After game day:

Sunday 10/29, 2 p.m. - 7 p.m. (Take the bus from Core Campus/Shoeboxes to R-06/R-01/Kite Hill to go get your car.)


All West Resident vehicles should be moved out of R-06/R-01/Kite Hill by 6 p.m. Sunday to avoid citation/towing.