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Clemson Parking and Transportation Services

Research Park Shuttle

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Research Park Route Operating Holiday/Summer Service until Aug. 16

Clemson University’s Transportation Services operates a shuttle that travels between the main campus and the research park. The pickup order in the park for the :30 departure is ITC, Rich Lab, AMRL, Library Depot. The campus drop-off point is between Edwards Hall and the Hendrix student center at approximately :50. It departs from that location at :00. The drop-off at the Research Park is in reverse order so that the van is emptied before the pickup schedule begins again.

Operating hours for the 2021-2022 academic year - 

Please note that there have been schedule adjustments made for FY22. Be sure to review the Full Schedule to see the changes.

Interactive Maps

Desktop viewing can be found here  https://my.clemson.edu/#/map/category/buses


Select the Research Park button located on the right side of the page and the map will highlight the shuttle’s location on the route in realtime.