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Tiger STEPS Registration

Tiger Students Taking Educational Preventive Steps (STEPS)

The Office of Community and Ethical Standards (OCES) has worked hard to provide a program for our students to successfully resolve offenses in a comfortable environment. Tiger STEPS is designed to allow Clemson University students to resolve minor violations. This program is expected to be educational through several mediums including, in class activities, understanding choices, and personal reflection.

Eligibility for potential participants will be determined by OCES. When a student is involved in an incident, the student will be automatically enrolled or sanctioned after a hearing. If the student chooses not to participate, they will go through the conduct process. A more detailed pathway to the course will be provided on a case by case basis and communicated to the student. In the event of a Code of Conduct violation, OCES will require students to complete Tiger STEPS.

If a student is to fully complete Tiger STEPS, they will need to fulfill the requirements of the program. There is a $75 fee to join the program, which needs to be paid before the student can begin completing the requirements listed below. To successfully complete the program, the student will be expected to complete the Tiger STEPS choices course and a reflection assignment that will be communicated after course completion.

To sign up for the Tiger STEPS choices course and pay the $75 registration fee, please visit the CU Marketplace link.

If you have any questions regarding Tiger STEPS, please feel free to contact OCES at (864) 656-0510.