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Insurance and Billing

A student health insurance plan, administered by BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS) of South Carolina, is available to eligible students, legal spouses and dependents of students at competitive premiums. Click the links below to learn more about the plan.

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*Please note: The Pharmacy at Redfern Health Center is a preferred pharmacy for the Clemson Student Health Insurance Plan. Here, enrollees have no deductible and lower copays. 

  • Open Enrollment for annual/fall coverage is July 24 – August 31.

  • Open Enrollment for spring coverage is November 12 – January 18.

  • Open Enrollment for summer coverage is April 15 – June 14.

*See Students Required to Have Health Insurance below

Health insurance is required for the following students who are considered Mandatory Enrollees:

  1. Graduate students enrolled in nine or more credit hours on the main campus in Clemson

  2. Graduate students classified as graduate assistants at all campus locations*

  3. All F-1 and J-1 international students

*Graduate Assistants will receive a Student Insurance subsidy to help defray the cost of the Student Health Insurance Plan.

Mandatory Enrollees will be charged for the Clemson University Student Health Insurance Plan on the University tuition and fees bill.

If you are a graduate or international student, please check your bill in iROAR at the beginning of the semester and after any changes to your schedule. Changes to your schedule can cause the insurance charge to drop off your account.

Students who HAVE been charged for the Student Health Insurance Plan with tuition and fees and have other insurance that meets University Requirements may submit a request for waiver (see how to submit a waiver below).

Students NOT charged for the Student Health Insurance Plan with tuition and fees may enroll as Voluntary during Open Enrollment. See how to complete enrollment below.

Graduate and international students who are charged for the SHIP on their University tuition and fees bill: You are considered a Mandatory Enrollee. To accept/complete enrollment for the Clemson University Student Health Insurance Plan, you must go to clemson.myahpcare.com/waiver and select the appropriate link at the bottom of the page. To submit a waiver request, you must also go to clemson.myahpcare.com/waiver and select the appropriate link at the bottom of the page. The information submitted for waiver will be verified before the waiver is approved. 

Deadline to enroll or submit a request for waiver is August 31 for fall, January 18 for spring and June 14 for summer.

Students who are NOT charged for the SHIP on their University bill but who want to enroll in the SHIP: You are considered a Voluntary Enrollee. To enroll in the SHIP, you must follow the instructions for Voluntary on the insurance website under the Enrollment tab: clemson.myahpcare.com/enrollment.  

Deadline to enroll is August 31 for fall, January 18 for spring and June 14 for summer.

The Student Insurance Office is located in rooms G-22 and G-23 downstairs in Redfern Health Center. To contact the Student Insurance Office, call 864-656-3561 or email Redfern@clemson.edu.

Payment for services not covered by the University health fee is expected at the time of service. Cash, personal check, Tiger Stripe, MasterCard, Visa and Discover are accepted. Students not paying the University health fee are charged for office visits. Outstanding balances may be paid online through the MyHealth-e web portal.

We will courtesy file as an out-of-network provider for the following insurance plans*:

Please note that we file claims for medical and psychiatry services only; we do not file claims for psychologist or counselor visits at this time.

  • Aetna

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of South Carolina

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield Preferred Health SC

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield South Carolina FEP

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield State Employees – SC Health

  • Cigna

  • Coventry Health Care National Network

  • Humana Health Plan

  • Tricare East

  • Tricare for Life

  • United HealthCare of all states

*We are not a Medicaid or Medicare provider and cannot submit claims for reimbursement. If you need assistance with finding a local Medicaid/Medicare provider, call the Insurance and Billing Office: 864-656-3561.

Please upload your medical insurance card in MyHealth-e so we have your information on file.

Patients are responsible for any charges not paid by their insurance plan. You will be notified of your balance after insurance has processed either by a bill in the mail or secure message in MyHealth-e. You may view the patient balance on the MyHealth-e portal by clicking on 'Account Summary'. From the 'Account Summary' page, there is a link to pay via CU Marketplace.

Any patient has the right to request a certain visit be excluded from filing. To do so, just tell a Student Health Services staff member that you do not want insurance filed for that day. You will then need to visit the Insurance and Billing Office (located in rooms G-22 and G-23 in the basement of Redfern) to complete the request and make sure the claim does not get filed.

We accept most insurance cards at our pharmacy. Please use our online form to enter your pharmacy insurance card informationYou may also complete the Pharmacy Prescription Card Information Form and fax or drop it off at the pharmacy in Redfern Health Center. Unpaid balances will be transferred to the student's University tuition and fees bill at the end of each semester.

2018–2019 Price List

University policy requires all students registered for six or more credit hours (three hours during each summer term) to pay the University health fee.

Learn More About the Health Fee

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