Welcome to the Marketing Department

The Department of Marketing prepares students for professional careers in marketing, a field focused on the promotion, facilitation and maintenance of exchange relationships between an organization (its products, services and ideas) and its customers. Marketing is the revenue-generating activity of organizations and is critical to its success and survival. Because of marketing’s vital role in economic health, there is a growing demand for well-educated marketing professionals.

The Marketing Department has developed a reputation for its broad-based, interdisciplinary programs.

The undergraduate marketing curriculum, in combination with general education courses and other business course requirements, prepares students for professional marketing careers in industry, government or the non-profit sector. This degree also prepares students for entrance into graduate studies in marketing, business administration, law or other disciplines.

The Masters of Science in Marketing degree is intended to advance students’ knowledge and expertise in marketing theory and practice, and prepare them for careers in marketing analysis, research, management and scholarship.

The Marketing Department consists of internationally recognized faculty with diverse research, teaching, professional and consulting experiences. Often, marketing faculty are invited speakers at national and international universities and conferences. Moreover, they provide consulting for various corporate partners and are often quoted in local and national newspapers, magazines and periodicals.