Master of Business Administration

MBA Student Association


The purpose of the MBA Student Association is to organize philanthropic, social and professional activities not offered directly as part of the MBA program course work but critical to the overall benefit of the graduate student experience. In addition, the MBA Student Association helps MBA students at Clemson University succeed in academics and in their professional lives after school. With students from across the country and around the world, the association takes an active role in helping all MBA students adapt to life in Greenville and Upstate South Carolina. 

With students taking classes at Clemson at the Falls in Greenville the MBASA feels it is extremely important to hold social networking events so every student, staff and faculty member can get acquainted with one another. Strong relationships between students and faculty members serve to better our students both while they are in school and down the road, long after they have graduated.

In addition to offering social and networking events, the MBASA strives to get Clemson students involved in the community by giving back through time, fundraising and effort. This not only reinforces the value of community that we employ, but provides the Clemson MBA brand a positive light to shine, benefiting students through exposure and involvement, and beneficiaries through kindness.

While we provide many extracurricular activities that are separate from business, we also provide students with opportunities to tour local businesses and listen to high-profile speakers talk about subjects from all facets of business.

To learn more about the MBA Student Association, please contact:
Wendi Witek
President, MBA Student Association