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Pee Dee Cannons

Pee Dee Cannon Pee Dee Cannon Pee Dee Cannon Pee Dee Cannon Pee Dee Cannon In October 2015, The Warren Lasch Conservation Center received three cannons which included two Confederate Brooke Rifle cannons (a 6.4-in and a 7-in each) and one captured Union Dahlgren smoothbore cannon. They were recovered from the Great Pee Dee River by archaeologists from the South Carolina Institute for Archaeology and Anthropology (SCIAA). It includes a 9-in Dahlgren smoothbore, a 6.4-in and a 7-in Brooke rifles. The artifacts extracted from their bores consist of iron grape shots, cannonball and stand fused to fragments of powder bag and a wooden sabot. Each artifact will undergo different conservation treatments according to their material and condition. Recovered from fresh water, the condition of the cannons is exceptional. Removal of sediments revealed cannon markings which provide major information for the archaeologists in terms of their provenance and technology at this time period. Conservators are anticipating two years of treatment.