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Hunley Science: Excavation, Timeline, and Press Releases concerning the legacy of the Hunley
SCIAA Maritime Research Division Publications: Articles and reports regarding South Carolina maritime heritage and submerged cultural resources. The WLCC regularly contributes to the 'Quarterly Reporter' newsletter.

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The WLCC features a full poly-com system with screen projection & plasma TV units that allow you to interact with another location (or multiple locations) via cameras and full audio sound. Options allow for conference calls, classroom teaching, local presentations, and numerous other opportunities.

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Individuals and Companies that have worked in partnership with the WLCC.

  • M. Scott Harris, Ph.D.
    Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences - College of Charleston
    Marine geology and sediment consultant for the WLCC on the H.L. Hunley Project.
  • James Downs, M.D.
    Regional Medical Examiner - Coastal Regional Crime Lab - Georgia Bureau of Investigation
    Forensic pathology consultant for the WLCC on the H.L. Hunley Project.
  • Linda C Abrams
    Forensic Genealogist - Massachusetts; Veterans Administration Supervisor (Ret)
    Professional genealogy consultant for the WLCC on the H.L. Hunley Project.
  • Vincent Blouin, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor - Materials Science & Engineering, Architecture - Clemson University
    Joint appointment technical aspects of materials science and architecture.
  • Parker Rigging

    Tim Parker
    Parker Rigging Company
    Transported the H.L. Hunley from recovery barge to tank inside the WLCC, rotation of the H.L. Hunley, rigging, and transportation of large historically significant objects.

  • CCI

    Craig Meier
    Corrosion Control Incorporated
    Craig's Resume
    Cathodic protection applied to the H.L. Hunley since 2000, and cathodic polarization for desalination of large objects.