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IE Students

Professional opportunities for IE graduates

Because of the breadth of the IE profession, sectors such as manufacturing and warehousing, healthcare, finance, logistics, and government all depend on the skills of industrial engineers to operate effectively and competitively.

Only Michigan has a higher concentration of industrial engineers than South Carolina, and our graduates are sought after in all parts of the United States. Recent graduates have found jobs at companies including General Electric, BMW, Federal Express, 3M, Lowe’s, Michelin, Bank of America, Amazon, UPS, Lockheed Martin, Eaton, Exxon, Boeing, and Disney.

Our Ph.D. graduates receive the opportunity to assist and even lead in course instruction at Clemson. This experience, coupled with their thorough research focus, allows them the flexibility to choose between a career in academia, industry, or research based on their own interest. In addition to the foregoing industry careers, Clemson graduates have taken positions at top domestic and international academic research and education programs.