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Industrial Partners

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is proud of its relationship with our industrial partners.

If you are not already an industrial partner of the department, we invite you to explore the opportunities that a partnership with Clemson University can make to your business!

The primary benefits that you may garner from a partnership with Clemson University are access to our students in addition to a set of solutions to your problem.  While we solicit real world design problems that you are currently addressing, we work with you as a customer to try and deliver student generated innovative solutions.  Each project has teams of students work upon it (varying in size and number with the complexity of the problem and the scope).  The department will work with you or your representatives to develop your problem into one that is appropriate for our students.  A rough gage to use to assess the project's appropriateness for a semester long senior design project is to compare it to a project that would take a full time employee approximately four weeks to complete.  This is a rough estimate, but tends to account for the novice nature of the students, the balance of the students working on the project approximately 10 hours per week (in addition to other courses and responsibilities), and the fact that the teams are self-managed.

We provide an advisory committee for every project that consists of typically two faculty that meet weekly with the student teams to ensure satisfactory progress.  The advisory committee is supplemented with an external retired engineering professional to provide an additional "real world" flavor to the course.  In addition, we have introduced a new concept of team coaches; graduate students that have been trained in project management and design tools who meet regularly with the team to help manage their effort.   

If you are interested in participating in our program by sponsoring a project, please contact Dr. Gregory Mocko at (864) 656-1812 or  There is a nominal fee that is considered a "gift" to the department to support this course in terms of faculty time, facilities dedicated to the projects, and prototyping materials.  We look forward to challenging projects to better educate our students and your future employees.

Industrial Partnerships