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Combined BS and MS Degree Program


Undergraduate students within the Clemson University Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) program may apply to participate in the BS/MS program. When a student meets program requirements and is accepted into the BS/MS program he/she will be able to (1) use up to twelve (12) credit hours taken during their undergraduate program to satisfy the requirements of both their undergraduate and graduate degrees and (2) be admitted into the graduate program when meeting the criteria of MSE and the Graduate School.

  1. Undergraduate students must have an overall undergraduate GPA of 3.4 and 90 earned credit hours to enroll into the BS/MS program and are encouraged to apply to the program either at the end of their sophomore year or during their junior year. A student accepted into the BS/MS program is not required to finish the MS program and may separate at the close of the BS program.

  2. Undergraduate students must apply both to the department (using a departmental application) and to the Graduate School (using the ‘Bachelor to Graduate GS6’ form and not the ‘GS6’).

  3. Up to 12 credit hours from a 6000 level or higher courses may be used to satisfy the requirements of their BS degree. 6000-level versions of courses required in the BS curricula may not be used (for example- MSE 6150). The GS6 BS/MS form will list the classes that the student will be allowed to apply to both their BS and MS programs and course selection must be done with their faculty advisor.

  4. In order for a student to complete a BS/MS combined degree, a minimum of 120 unique credits must be applied to the undergraduate degree and 30 unique credits applied to the graduate degree.  

  5. Once admitted as an undergraduate to the BS/MS program, the cumulative GPA may vary as long as the student has a GPA that ensures they will be successful within graduate school (typically, this is least a 3.4 undergraduate GPA by their graduation). This GPA will include the grades in any graduate classes that are listed for cross-listed requirements for their BS and MS programs.

  6. Once in the MS program, the students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative graduate GPA. This GPA will include the grades in any graduate classes that are cross-listed as requirements for their BS and MS programs.

Students interested in this combined degree program should consult Laura Kinard, and fill out the departmental form.

Combined BS and MS in MSE Departmental Application Form