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Are you considering Clemson University to pursue your education? If yes, please read below for important information.

Be Prepared:

Below is a list of high school courses that will help to prepare you for an engineering major in college. These courses are highly recommended, and the more you take the more you'll be prepared. If you cannot take these courses in high school, they are offered at the college level.

4 years of Math:     3 years of Sciences:
2 years of Algebra 1 year of Biology
1 year of Geometry    1 year of Chemistry
1 year of Calculus    1 year of Physics


Q: How do I fiind out about admissions policies and procedures?
A: Call the Admissions Office at 864.656.2287 or visit Admissions on-line.

Q: What are the different science and engineering majors at Clemson?
A: Clemson has ten undergraduate engineering majors and eight science majors. Click Here to find out what they are and to read more about them.

Q: Can engineering students co-op? What is involved?
A: Yes! There are many excellent co-op opportunities for engineering students. Co-op students alternate semesters of school with semesters of paid, career-related work, for a total of three semesters of work. For more information call the Co-op Office at 864.656.3150 or visit the Co-op Office online.

Q: Do I need a laptop?
A: Yes. All new engineering majors will be required to have a laptop. For more information, call 864.656.1344 or visit the Clemson laptop info web site.