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CECAS Global Engagement - Faculty Info

South Carolina is becoming known as an international center for commerce and industry. It is a trend that has evolved over recent years and continues to expand as more and more companies choose South Carolina as home because of its skilled labor force and its ability to manufacture, distribute, and export South Carolina-produced goods. Clemson University is helping meet the needs of these international companies by supplying world-class engineers and graduates.

The College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences needs faculty to help current engineering students realize the power that global awareness has on shaping and preparing young engineers. Traveling and learning abroad is a tremendous opportunity that can jump start careers and provide perspective that will ultimately last a lifetime.

The college needs faculty who are interested in recruiting students and promoting the study abroad experience. We also need help in shaping the learning and travel experience from advocates of the global experience. We invite you to browse the Funding & Grants opportunities, and to explore Agreements with Institutions Abroad that make it possible for CECAS students to study abroad.