Intercultural Development Inventory



ClemsonFORWARD, the 10-year strategic plan for Clemson University, seeks to strengthen the sense of community and connectedness by enhancing diversity, creating an environment of inclusive excellence, and providing professional and leadership development opportunities to make Clemson a great place to work, study, and live.

To help Clemson University achieve its strategic goals, an instrument called the Intercultural Development Inventory can be used to assess intercultural competence, create self and/or group awareness, and provide an individualized plan for growth and advancement.

Intercultural Development Inventory

The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) is a psychometric instrument that assesses intercultural competence – the capability to shift cultural perspective and appropriately adapt behavior to cultural differences and commonalities. This 50-item questionnaire is available in 17 languages, it can be accessed online, and takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. After taking the assessment, IDI generates an Individual Profile Report that outlines the individual’s capacity to shift perspectives and appropriately adapt behaviors and an Individual Development Plan (IDP) – a detailed blueprint for the individual to further develop their cultural competence.

The IDI also generates group intercultural competence profiles. Group profiles are used to assess a department or organization’s intercultural competence as an aggregate. The group profile results allow the department or organization to identify cross-cultural goals and challenges and develop adaptive strategies that can be used while working with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

What are the steps in taking the IDI?

  1. Send an email to to schedule an appointment to discuss goals and plans related to the use of the IDI
  2. Take the Intercultural Development Inventory (takes about 15-20 minutes)
  3. Schedule a session to interpret the results

Costs associated with taking the IDI at Clemson

  1. Each test ordered by an educational institution is $12/student and $18/staff or faculty.
  2. There is no cost for having a Qualified Administrator come and deliver your individual and/or group profile results

Current Qualified Administrators

Roxanne Amerson, School of Nursing, 
DeOnte Brown, Student Affairs, Campus Achievement and Student Empowerment, 
Sharetta Bufford, College of Science, 
Marjorie Campbell, CCIT, 
Angie Carter, College of Education, 
Jason Combs, College Preparation and Outreach,
Jodi Cox, The Graduate School, 
Sarah Dumas, Campus Achievement and Student Empowerment, 
Ciera Durden, Gantt Multicultural Center, 
Megan Fallon, Access and Equity, 
Brittany Peacock Flowers, Cooperative Extension, 
Matt Floyd, Human Resources, 
Jacob Frankovich, Gantt Multicultural Center,
Amy Gamble, University Housing, 
Jerad Green, Gantt Multicultural Center,
Jaz Hamilton, Human Resources, 
Sara Hanks, College Preparation and Outreach, 
Leah Hughes, College of Business, 
Yianna Kappas, Alumni Relations, 
Matthew Kirk, College Preparation and Outreach,
Cindy Lee, Engineering & Science Education, 
Erica Lee, Campus Life, 
Julian Nixon, College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences, 
Jessica Owens, Academic Success Center, 
Eric Pernotto, University Housing, 
Gabriela Peschiera, College of Business,
Kate Radford, Campus Life, 
Altheia Richardson, Inclusion and Equity, 
Agassy Rodriguez, Campus Life, 
Mahin Sandoval-Chavez, Campus Life, 
Alydia Sims, University Libraries, 
Alesia Smith, Inclusion and Equity,
Cara Snider, Campus Life, 
Daniel Solomon, Global Engagement, 
Helen Diamond Steele, College of Business, 
Beth Stephan, General Engineering, 
Kendra Stewart-Tillman, Gantt Multicultural Center,
Teresa Tucker, Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management, 
Sallie Turnbull, Global Engagement, 
Ann Wetsel, School of Nursing, 

Interested in becoming a Qualified Administrator?

For information on cost and how to register to become an IDI Qualified Administrator, please contact