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Design of Healthcare Spaces and Products of the Future


Anjali Joseph, Ph.D., EDAC

Endowed Chair in Architecture + Health Design and Research

Anjali Joseph, Ph.D., EDAC is the Spartanburg Regional Health System Endowed Chair in Architecture + Health Design and Director of the Center for Health Facilities Design and Testing at Clemson University. Dr. Anjali Joseph is focused on using simulation and prototyping methods to research and test effectiveness of promising design solutions that may impact patient safety in high stress healthcare environments. She has focused her research on multidisciplinary approaches to improving patient safety in healthcare through the development of tools and built environment solutions.
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David Allison, FAIA, FACHA

Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in Architecture + Health

David Allison FAIA, FACHA is an Alumni Distinguished Professor and Director of Clemson’s Graduate Program in Architecture + Health. He also holds an appointment as a Faculty Scholar in the Clemson University School of Health Research. His teaching, research and scholarship involves the study of relationships between health, healthcare and the built environment. His scholarly focus is centered on healthy community planning and design, design prototyping and research related to the design of healthcare environments.  
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Sara Bayramzadeh 

Research Assistant Professor in Architecture + Health

Sara Bayramzadeh is a Research Assistant Professor in the Architecture + Health program at Clemson University. Her research interests include the impact of healthcare facilities design on user experience, patient safety, and efficiency. In her role, she contributes to several funded research projects, building new opportunities in connecting academia and practice in the field of architecture and design.
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Deborah Wingler 

President of Healing Design Integration

Deborah is a Doctoral student at Clemson University in the Healthcare + Architecture Department. In her current role as President of Healing Design Integration, Deborah designs and develops patient centered outcomes research studies within ambulatory care settings that gain insight into the patient experience and asses operational efficiencies. Through the findings from this research, she collaborates with healthcare executives to design innovative business solutions that achieve performance metrics while enhancing the patient experience. She holds a master’s Degree in Healthcare Design Research from Arizona State University, and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.
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Rutali Joshi 

Master of Science Student

Rutali Joshi is a Master of Science student in the Architecture and Health program at Clemson University. She has the experience of working as a graduate research assistant under Dr. Anjali Joseph for The Center for Health Facilities and Design Testing since January 2016.
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