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Social LaunchPad Guidelines

Social LaunchPad, Clemson UniversityPurpose

The Arthur M. Spiro Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership and Creative Inquiry recognize the need to provide experiences beyond the classroom for budding entrepreneurs, inventors, and developers. Social LaunchPad is designed to recognize and promote social entrepreneurism and social innovation.

We want to find Clemson students (individuals and/or teams) that have social innovation ideas that they have piloted or are going to pilot.

The competition requires that a team prepare a 3-minute, three-slide presentation as outlined below.


The dates for the 2015 Social LaunchPad competiton will be announced soon.

Presentation Guidelines for Finalists

Each team has exactly 3 minutes to make its presentation. The format should include the following three slide headlines. Contestants may include more slides at their discretion, but must stay within the three-minute time limit. Each slide should answer some of the following questions.

Slide 1: The Problem

The problem slide should include:

  • Your name(s) and contact information
  • What is the problem and why you think it is important?
  • Are you treating the problem or working on the root cause?

Slide 2: The Solution

The solution slide should include:

  • How should this problem be solved?
  • What is required to solve the issue?

Slide 3: Your Impact

The impact slide should include:

  • How did you and/or will you create an impact on your community, or those affected by the problem?
  • How will you continue to work on this issue? How will you be better at it?
  • How did your volunteer work affect you?

Judging Criteria and Evaluation Process

Judging will be based upon the selection of those entities that have or have the potential for creating a positive impact either socially or environmentally as well as the potential to move that work forward.


$4,000 in prizes! Cash awards will be given to the top two presentations as determined by our panel of judges. The top winner will receive $2,000, two runner ups will be rewarded with $1,000 each.

Confidentiality and Intellectual Property Guidelines

  • Participants in Social LaunchPad will retain ownership rights of all submitted materials before, during and after the competition except as stated below. Clemson University, the Arthur M. Spiro Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership and Creative Inquiry will respect the ownership rights of all participants but will not sign nondisclosure agreements because of the open character of this competition.
  • Please refrain from using sensitive information you wish to keep secret in your presentations and summaries as presentations will be open to the public and materials may be used for promotional and educational purposes.
  • Clemson University, the Arthur M. Spiro Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership and Creative Inquiry may make photocopies, photographs, videotapes and/or audiotapes of the presentations including the PowerPoint slides and executive summary. They retain the right to use any and all materials and information submitted during the course of the competition for promotional and educational purposes throughout the world in all languages and media forms. The applicants retain all proprietary rights to their business concepts and designs.

This program is not a vehicle for raising funds and is void where prohibited.

Social LaunchPad, Clemson University, Sponsors: Spiro Center, Creative Inquiry