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Elective Courses

Entrepreneurship courses are available to students from any discipline. Please see the Clemson University Course Catalog for details.

ENTR 1010 Entrepreneurial Mindset (2 credits) What are the key ingredients that drive success for entrepreneurs? How do entrepreneurs capitalize on new ideas and bring them to market? In this course, you will gain valuable insight into how entrepreneurs start companies and probe the unique mindset that often accompanies a successful entrepreneur.

ENTR 1090 Creative Inquiry in Entrepreneurship (1 credit - 3 credits) Students plan, develop, and execute a research project related to the field of entrepreneurship and present their findings. The development of the project includes lectures about research design, conduct, and data analysis. May be repeated for a maximum of six credits. Includes Honors sections.

ENTR 2010 Special Topics in Entrepreneurship (3 credits) Examination of selected topics in entrepreneurship based on the developments in the field and interests of faculty. Emphasizes the strategic formulation and application of these topics to support entrepreneurial thinking. May be repeated for a maximum of six credits, but only if different topics are covered.

ENTR 2020 Internship in Entrepreneurship (1 credit - 3 credits) Faculty-supervised entrepreneurial internship to give students learning opportunities that support their classroom experiences. Requires at least 150 hours of internship work per credit hour received. Course enrollment and internship must occur in the same semester. May be repeated for a maximum of three credits. To be taken Pass/No Pass only.