Focus on Creative Inquiry Poster Forum

The Annual Focus on Creative Inquiry (FoCI) event is Clemson’s university-wide poster symposium showcasing undergraduate research, service-learning and other engaged learning experiences through the CI program. Teams of students and mentors present their work during this event to the Clemson community and guests.

The 16th Annual FoCI was held on April 1 – 2, 2021. The virtual poster session was hosted via Guests are invited to view our FoCI space in below.

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FoCI presentations are targeted for a general audience, allowing presenters the opportunity to communicate their work outside of their disciplinary terminology. This is different than a disciplinary conference. We ask that each CI Project submit one poster that generally presents the overall work of the project. If a team wants to submit a more specific poster or more than one poster to present different works within the project, they are asked to submit a CSRF application.

Agenda View the 16th Annual FOCI Program

April 1
Morning Poster Session: 10AM-12PM
Afternoon Poster Session: 1 – 3PM
April 2
Morning Poster Session: 10AM-12PM
Afternoon Poster Session: 1 – 3PM

Plenary Address & Awards Ceremony: April 2, 3:10 – 4PM
Speaker: Dr. Jessica Larsen, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and 2020 recipient of the Bradley Award for Mentoring in Creative Inquiry

Title: Undergraduate Driven Research in Polymeric Drug Delivery

Description: The Larsen Lab focuses on polymer-based drug delivery systems for brain and central nervous system disease. In this presentation, Dr. Larsen shares two projects driven by CI undergraduates towards the development of drug delivery vehicles. First, she will discuss how the modulation of nanoparticle shape can lead to increased uptake and co-delivery of hydrophilic and hydrophobic drugs in neural cells. Second, she looks at the effect of commonly used and FDA-approved polymers on blood component health, which has major implications for drug delivery vehicle design.

Dr. Jessica Larsen
2020 Recipient of the Bradley Award for Mentoring in Creative Inquiry

  • Presenter Information
    To Prepare: Visit the recorded “Preparing for FoCI 2021: Virtual Presentations & Poster Tips and Tricks.” Watch Here

    Poster options: Standard (36” x 48”, h x w) PDF or an Interactive WordPress site that includes videos etc.
    Posters must be uploaded to Box (link sent via email) no later than March 29.

    Before FoCI:
    Reference the March 4 “Preparing for FoCI” seminar and additional resources.
    Attend a practice session.
    Test your camera, microphone, lighting in your room, and pick a location with a plain background as does not allow virtual backgrounds and you do not want your background to be distracting.
    Have a 90 second, rehearsed synopsis of your poster ready for your audience.
    Optional: Upload a ≤ 3 minute video of you presenting your poster. This will be uploaded to your poster space when you are not there.
    Check your session date and time. Your poster will be visible during the entire FoCI event, but you must be present during your session for judging and to present your poster to the FoCI audience.
    Invite your family, friends, and colleagues.

    At FoCI:
    Dress professionally and check your surroundings – no distractions or loud noises.
    Log out of Zoom or other apps that use your camera and microphone.
    Ten minutes prior to your session, visit to enter FoCI via the link.
    (If you are not presenting, you may enter FoCI at anytime.)
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