Jeoung Soo Lee, Ph.D.

Soo LeeAssistant Professor
Ph.D. Pharmaceutics, Pusan National University, Pussan, Korea 1999

Research Interests
Drug/gene delivery
Polymeric micelle nanoparticle

Office 313-1 Rhodes Research Center
Phone 864-656-3213

Drug Design, Development and Delivery 4D Laboratory

Biomaterials for drug and gene delivery

Colon-specific bi-functional polymeric prodrug for treatment of amebiasis
Polymeric prodrug synthesis and characterization
Active drug release kinetics
Amebicidal activity and inhibition of parasite-host cell interaction

Neuron-specific polymeric nanotherapeutics for CNS regeneration
Neuronal targeting
Combinatorial drug/siRNA delivery
Axonal regeneration and functional recovery

Target-specific mixed polymeric micelle for metastatic breast cancer
Mixed polymeric micelle as drug/gene delivery carrier
Transfection efficiency, specificity, and cytotoxicity
Gene knockdown efficiency and biological activity