Xuejun Wen, M.D., Ph.D.

Hansjörg Wyss Endowed Chair in Regenerative Medicine

M.D. Medicine, Henan Medical University 1994
Ph.D. Bioengineering (Biomatls & Tissue Eng), Univ. of Utah 2003

Research Interests
Novel Biomaterials, Stem Cell Biology
Cell/Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine

Office 68 President Street; Bioengineering Building Room # 313 Clemson-MUSC Bioengineering Program Charleston, SC, 29425
Phone 843-876-2395

Regenerative Medicine Laboratory

Stem Cells and Novel Biomaterials

Stem Cell Engineering
Endogenous stem-cell manipulation
Controlled stem-cell transdifferentiation
Genetic engineering of stem cells

Biomaterials: Natural, Pure Synthetic, Hybrid
Injectable hydrogel systems
Nanostructured biomaterials
Functionalized scaffolds for body-wide tissue regeneration

Regenerative Medicine
Nervous system regeneration after injury and disease
Orthopedic regeneration: Bone, cartilage, muscle, tendon, etc.
Cardiovascular tissue, kidney, lung, and pancreas regeneration
In vitro and in vivo models for translational research