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Xiaowei LiAHA awards Predoctoral Fellowships to CU-MUSC students

Erin Pardue and Xiaowei Li (pictured left), Ph.D. students in the CU-MUSC Joint Bioengineering Program, were awarded American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowships; both scored in the first percentile of reviewed applications. Pardue will study “The Influence of Fibulin-1C on Hematopoietically-Derived Cell Populations in Heart Valves” in Scott Argraves’s lab, and Li will study “Engineering Blood Vessel Network and Manipulating Endogenous Stem Cells for Brain Regeneration after Stroke” in Xuejen Wen and Ning Zhang’s lab.
The fellowships provide stipends, project support, and fringe benefits for two years. Intended to help students initiate careers in cardiovascular and stroke research, the award requires study of an important problem broadly related to cardiovascular disease or stroke. The student’s project must be original and likely to affect the concepts, methods and technologies that drive the field. An applicant for the award must demonstrate that the conceptual framework, design, methods and analyses are adequately developed, well integrated, well reasoned, feasible and appropriate to the aims of the project. Further, the applicant must identify potential problem areas related to methods or analyses and present alternative tactics.
According to Wen, “The technology that is being developed in Xiaowei's project will readily transition from the laboratory to the operating room, so it will have great impact. We are excited about helping our graduate students earn opportunities to develop their careers. We will continue to support them in achieving their goals.”