Bioengineering News

Inaugural Bachelor’s Degrees Awarded

Clemson has been a leader in the field of biomaterials engineering since the early 60s, when the graduate program was formed.

On May 8, 2009, the department expanded when it graduated twenty-four undergraduates. This inaugural class received their Bachelor of Science after completing both General Engineering and department-specific major requirements.

The degree is a four-year program in which students choose to concentrate in biomaterials or bioelectrical engineering. In this first class, twenty-two graduates majored in biomaterials while two opted for electrical engineering. The biomaterials engineering concentration includes coursework in the ceramics and materials science program, while the bioelectrical engineering concentration requires classes in electrical engineering.

The following students earned a BS in bioengineering in May 2009:

Wesley Scott Camp
Daniel Elliot Carey, II
Clifford Himbok Chan
Jae Hee Cho
Bhargava Krishna Citineni
Laura Christine Datko
Christopher Taylor Dunning
Benjamin Elias Fleishman
Jonas Madison Hall
Niklas Logan Johnson
Andrew George Kiser
Christian N Kotanen
Rachael Marie Kozera
Ryan Dean Launius
Michael Lemus
William Bradley McAllister

Exley Wood McCormick
William Andrew Meeks
Thomas Lee Moore
Jason Michael Olbrich
Richard Pascal, III
Marissa Grace Paslick
Mohammad Faizan Pathan
Joseph Jordan Probst
Carlyn Joanna Sander
Suzanne Marie Sawicki
Elizabeth A Steele
Robert Wyman Stephenson
Ryan Scott Stowers
Karen Allison Suits
Cassie Mackenzie White